Privacy Policy
Pheox AB (556863-8265) is a software engineering company, based in Karlshamn, Sweden, that develops and provides software and services to customers within the area of information security.

The company was founded in 2004 and is mainly focused toward the following two areas:

  • Development of cryptography based applications and services
  • Cross-platform development
Pheox do also supply expertise and genuine knowledge within:
  • Telecom
  • Embedded systems
  • Development in C/C++, Java, Assembler, and scripting languages
Our objective is to make every customer satisfied and solve each customer's specific problem. That is why we always prioritise highest quality in our deliveries and provide fast expertise for each individual errand. All this for highly competitive prices.

From today's date, Pheox have successfully received satisfied customers such as Clearstream, Telefonica, NEC, Bank of America, General Dynamics C4S Inc, and more that are located in a total of four continents.

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