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Trusted-Library attribute in manifest file
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We have been successfully using JCAPI in an applet, to sign files in user's local disk. Our applet has no GUI, so interaction with user is via JavaScript.

Since Java 6 update 19, if an application uses signed and unsigned code, signed jars that are allowed to be used from unsigned code, should have a Trusted-Library attribute set to true in their manifest. Else, the JVM will pop a warning that recommends the user to not execute the app.

Trusted library classes are loaded through a separate classloader. The rest of the app can "see" that trusted code, but trusted code cannot "see" code not marked as "trusted library".

Since Java 7 update 21/Java 6 update 45, if signed code is invoked from JavaScript, it is considered as mixed code. So our application is now considered mixed code.

If we add the Trusted-Library to our jars and sign them, there are no warnings, but as JCAPI is not a "trusted library", our code cannot "see" any of JCAPI classes (a ClassNotFoundException is thrown).

There is a workaround, but it involves messing with classloaders. It would be much more easy that JCAPI manifest includes Trusted-Library attribute set to true. I think it is coherent with JCAPI purpouse, and lot of users will benefit from it.

Do you have plans to include a Trusted-Library attribute in the manifest, in both 1.x and 2.x versions?

Thanks in advance.
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We've now released a new re-signed version of JCAPI whose manifest file contain the new Trusted-Library property.

For more information, please see our release post.

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