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JCAPI v1.1.0 RC-1 released
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The first release candidate for JCAPI version 1.1.0 has been released today.

New main features are:
  • Supporting three new MS CAPI & PKCS#11 CSPs tested on hardware tokens provided by Eutron:
    • SI_CSP
    • SafeSign CSP Version 1.0
    • AR Base Cryptographic Provider
  • Extended JCAPI SSL plugin now supporting PKCS#11 from Java 5 with automatic configuration of hardware token.
  • Supporting removal of PKCS#11 CSPs (both natively supported and user-added).
  • Get and set friendly names for certificates in MS CAPI.
  • Get friendly names for system stores in MS CAPI.
  • Added support for cipher wrapping/unwrapping of asymmetric keys.
  • New class available for gathering data about a plugged in hardware PKCS#11 token.

Please note that a release candidate is a version whose functionality has been set, implemented and unit tested, but not yet system tested. If you don't feel confident with such a release, then please wait for the sharp version of JCAPI v1.1 to be released.

Our customers can download the commercial (unrestricted) version from the release candidates page. Others are welcome to download the evaluation version from our public download page.
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