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JCAPI signed Jar
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I am configuring the JCAPI as a provider for a SUN 1.4.2_09 JVM. I am then configuring Tomcat 5.5.9 to use this JVM. When bootstrapping Tomcat the following error is generated:

Caused by: Verification of JCAPI JAR file integrity failed.
Reason: X.509 not found
at com.pheox.jcapi.d.g(Unknown Source)
at com.pheox.jcapi.JCAPIProvider.init(Unknown Source)
at com.pheox.jcapi.JCAPIProvider.<clinit>(Unknown Source)

any ideas? Thank you.
Pheox Support

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We must be able to reproduce your error condition in order to solve it.
Could you please provide us with a minimal WAR file that triggers your error?
If not, you have to give more information about your environment such as: where did you put the JCAPI JAR file (common/lib, shared/lib, <webapp>/WEB-INF/lib etc), did you unjar the JCAPI jar file, is our provider added in a static context etc?

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